B-32 Loading Control

B-32 Loading Control
Central Loader Control

The B-32 control system combines field-proven, industrial-grade programmable logic control components with easy, user-friendly operation.  Designed from the ground up to provide features not commonly found on control systems in this price range, the B-32 answers the needs of processors who desire a centrally located, flexible control package at a reasonable price. 

A compact MicroLogix 1500 PLC allows the B-32 to readily accept system options and may be easily upgraded in the field.  The ample enclosure allows installers plenty of elbow room for connections and changes.

  • Quality, reliable control
  • No need for training
  • Fully featured
  • Start small, and build
  • Back-up pump feature included
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Specifications (click here to hide)
B-32 Control
Model B-32
Performance characteristics
Maximum number of vacuum receivers 32
Maximum number of vacuum pumps 8 (plus back-up)
Programmable logic controller Allen Bradley (A/B) Micrologix 1500
Operator interface (standard) A/B Panelview Micro 300 (3.2 inch)
Operator interface (optional) A/B Panelview 550 (5.5 inch)
Output voltage to receivers/valves 24 VDC
Input voltage to receivers 24 VDC
Output voltage to pumps 24 VDC
Power/Amps 120 VAC/15 Amps/60Hz
Dimensions  inches {mm}
Control cabinet  
A - Height 30.0 {762}
B - Width 24.0 {609}
C - Depth 12.5 {317.5}
Weight  lb {kg}
Installed 60 {27}
Shipping 72 {32}